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  1. Where can I purchase TWELF-X watches?

TWELF-X watches are only available for purchase on the TWELF-X website at


  1. How long is the warranty for a TWELF-X watch?

Two years.

  1. What are the payment methods available?

We accept all major credit cards. Payment is made through our payment service providers: PayPal and Shopify Pay.


  1. Are the prices shown in my local currency?

All prices shown are in United States Dollars (USD).


  1. Are TWELF-X watches waterproof?

TWELF-X watches are water-resistant up to 200meters or 20 ATM.


  1. What’s in the packaging when I get my TWELF-X watch?

Your order will come along with a carrying case, an instruction manual and of course, the watch itself.


  1. Does TWELF-X accept returns?

Should you be dissatisfied with your order in any way, we accept returns within 14 days upon goods receipt for complete watches. Returns are not applicable for accessories or straps. We will charge a restocking fee of 15% of the listed price of the complete watch at the time of purchase for the return.

Alternatively, you may opt for a one time exchange for a similarly priced item or higher valued item in the TWELF-X range, subject to availability. There will be no charge for this unless opting for the higher priced item, in which case you will have to bear the cost of the difference in price. Exchanged complete watch will need to be returned together with accompanying boxes and warranty cards before the replacement product is dispatched. However, we will not be able to reimburse the return shipping fee when sending the complete watch back to us.


  1. How do I change the straps on a TWELF-X watch?

On the underside of the strap near the lugs of the case, there is a small lever you can push to release the strap. Putting on a new strap is the same in reverse. Please refer to the instruction manual for a more detailed explanation.


  1. Do I have to wind my TWELF-X watch every day?

No, you do not have to wind it every day as long as you wear it. However, we do recommend that you wind it 10-15 times before you put it on to maintain its accuracy. Instructions on how to wind your watch can be found in the instruction manual.



  1. Where do you ship to and how long will the delivery take?

We ship to the following destinations listed and their estimated shipping times are listed beside the destination in number of days.


Australia (Sydney, Melbourne, Perth) 6 - 8 days
Brunei Darussalam (Bandar Seri Begawan) 6 - 8 days
Canada (Vancouver) 8 - 11 days
China, People's Republic of (Beijing, Guangzhou, Shanghai) 8 - 10 days
France (Paris) 7 - 9 days
Germany (Frankfurt) 7 - 9 days
Hong Kong (Hong Kong) 5 - 7 days
India (Chennai, Mumbai, Kokata) 7 - 10 days
Indonesia (Jakarta, Batam) 7 - 10 days
Italy (Rome) 9 - 11 days
Japan (Tokyo, Osaka) 5 - 7 days
Malaysia* (Johor Bahru, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching, Kota Kinabalu) 6 - 8 days
Netherlands (Amsterdam) 6 - 8 days
New Zealand (Auckland) 6 - 8 days
Philippines (Manila) 8 - 10 days
Singapore 3 - 5 days
South Africa (Johannesburg) 7 - 9 days
Sweden (Stockholm) 6 - 8 days
Switzerland (Zurich) 6 - 8 days
Taiwan (Taipei) 6 - 8 days
Thailand (Bangkok) 6 - 8 days
United Arab Emirates (Dubai) 7 - 10 days
United Kingdom (London) 6 - 8 days
United States of America (San Francisco, New York, Honolulu) 8 - 10 days
Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) 7 - 10 days
Other Destinations in Asia and Territories in the Pacific 7 - 12 days
Other Destinations in the Middle East, Africa, Europe and America 8 - 14 days


  1. How much will the delivery of my watch cost?

For orders above US$285, free shipping will be provided. For orders below that amount, the shipping fee will be calculated at the check out.


  1. Where is my order?

When your order has been processed and sent out to our distributing partners, we will provide you with a tracking number. You may track your parcel at the following link:




  1. How long does the warranty last?

TWELF-X watches are warranted from any manufacturing defects, subject to the terms and conditions of the warranty for a period of two years.


  1. What does the warranty cover?

TWELF-X guarantees the working condition of the watch for the above stated warranty period. This includes the movement of the watch. The warranty does not cover against damage to the case, glass, leather strap and damage due to wear and tear.


  1. How do I send my watch for repair?

Please contact us at with the problem, along with a picture of the problem and we will advise you on the next steps.




  1. Do TWELF-X watches require batteries?

No, TWELF-X watches use mechanical movements and do not run on battery power.


  1. My watch does not seem to be working / My watch has stopped running. What can I do to fix this?

Automatic watches work by using the kinetic energy stored (when you wear the watch and move your arm around throughout the day) to power the watch. However, after a period of time, this energy runs out if you don’t wear your watch (after the stated power reserve rating). When this happens, you will have to manually wind the watch by turning the crown anti-clockwise until it is unscrewed, turning the crown clockwise 25-30 times or until you feel resistance, then pushing in the crown while turning it clockwise until tight to lock the crown in place again. This is important in order for the watch to maintain its water resistance.

  1. My watch is still not working. What can I do?

If it is still within the warranty period, we will cover shipping cost of up to USD10 for the watch to be sent back to us and be fixed provided that it is eligible under our warranty policies. This after we have verified that the watch may be sent back to us for the necessary repairs. We will cover shipping cost when we return the fixed watch back to you.

If it is no longer within the warranty period, you may send it in to us and we will do a repair for a fee (repair fee may vary depending on the damage. All shipping costs will be undertaken by the customer and not by TWELF-X and its affiliates).


  1. My watch got wet in the rain. Will it be ok?

All TWELF-X watches are rated to be water-resistant up to 200m. However, this is provided that the crown is tightly screwed in to prevent any water from entering the watch. In any case where the watch is exposed to water when the crown is unscrewed, the warranty will be void. Water resistance does not cover the straps.


  1. I cracked the glass on my watch. What can I do?

Unfortunately, our warranty does not cover the glass of the watch. Please send us an email at to receive a quote from us.