TWELF-X is about experiences and experimentation. It is created by the play of word for ‘Twelve’ to represent the seven continents and five oceans. ‘X’ is the celebration of experiences and the adventures that shape our lives. The ‘X’ in our logo has been specially designed using tents to represent nomads exploring the mountains and caves. The ability to explore is the work of many innovative inventors who have pushed mankind’s ability in technology and our understanding of the OCEAN, SKY and LAND.  The discovery of something new is an adventure by itself that should always be celebrated regardless of age, gender or race. Celebrate the adventures that shape our lives.

TWELF-X Luminosity

At TWELF-X, we believe that clear legibility and visibility of timekeeping is key to create a functional but classic adventure timepiece. The use of high grade Super-LumiNova and the careful selection of the brightest colour is integral in our design philosophy. To ensure better absorption of light energy and stronger re-emission of the glow, additional layers of Super-LumiNova are used to ensure that TWELF-X provides clear readability on any adventure.


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