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The case on this Twelf-X diver is made for diving. It's not flashy or dressy, it's made to work. The whole stainless steel case has a brushed finish which is great for hiding the scratches you will get during diving and general abuse. Size is just right for a diver at 44mm. The 120 click unidirectional bezel has a solid feel yet it is easy to grip and rotate. It's always good to have a backup watch when you are diving.

Neal Goodacre

Nice clear dial. Not seen before! Awesome


The dial has a speckled finished which I like a lot. The orange and blue combination is funky in a good way. The case is well done. It has a nice brush on the lugs and we can see the bevelled polish accents. 

Rich Park

The watch has a very simple aesthetics, good layout for a clean watch finish and a beatiful dial. The crown also unswcrews well and allowsn the setting of time with precision. It uses a beautiful anti-reflective sapphiore glass. Overall, nice finish with a good luminescent effect.

Paul Trevisan

An Automatic Watch for the Watch Enthusiast and Micro-watch Brand Fan

In the past, automatic timepieces were rare and a luxury. The timepiece a man carried could be used to distinguish his social class. However, the advancement of technology enabled automatic watches to be produced affordably, in which every man could then have a watch for every occasion while maintaining the traditions of watchmaking.

In recent trends, the rise of micro-watch brands have brought about a variety of watch offerings with each of their own design philosophy. Wearing an automatic watch is a symbol of status and luxury. Wearing a micro-brand watch is a reflection of understanding and searching for the best value watches can offer without compromising on quality. The right timepiece for the right occasion for the right person. At TWELF-X, we aim to create a piece that can be your reliable wrist companion. Allowing our products to be worn for any occasion, we created a perfect balance of form and function. A watch retaining the essence of a automatic watch while including important functionality.

An Outdoor Watch for the Adventurous

Not all watches are made equal. There are different styles and functionalities for different situations. Water resistant watches for the adventurous who come into contact with water often. GMT or multi-zone watches for people who travel often and need to change time-zones frequently. Automatic watches for the working man who need a reliable, low-maintenance timepiece. A nice watch for the right situation is truly a hard find. However, different functionalities come at a premium. As such many people have had to sacrifice aesthetics for the sake of functionality.

At TWELF-X, we take that dilemma away from you, providing you with an option that retains the philosophy of an automatic watch while including the functionality needed for any outdoor adventure.