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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Trans-Saharan Trade Route

Previously, we dove deep into The Amber Road, now we are going to walk the scorching hot path of The Trans-Saharan Trade Route! The Trans-Saharan Trade Route started in North Africa and continued to West Africa. It has multiple numbers of routes, which creates a criss-cross of trading links, across the vast expanse of desert.

So, how is the transportation?


Yes, camels, because they are able to carry large amounts of weight and travel extreme distances. However, they can also live without water for many days, which is a necessity when traveling through a desert as large as the Sahara.

So, if you are traveling here, you would need camels like the caravans. The word caravan comes from the Persian meaning "group of desert travelers." When you travel with them, you need more than a thousand camels carrying goods across the Sahara. Goods such as gold, slaves, salt, and cloth. As well as ostrich feathers and European guns!

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