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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Tin Route

Previously, we walked the scorching hot path of The Trans-Saharan Trade Route, now we are going to explore The Tin Route! From the Bronze Age to the Iron Age, the Tin Route was the main pathway that provided early settlements with access to a vital ingredient for metal-making which is tin.

A little fun fact about metals: copper must be alloyed with tin to make bronze. This is a new technology that occurred in the Near East around 2800 BCE, which created a stronger and better metal than the type used previously. This new technology created a demand for tin as it is not available in most places. The resource became an important item for trade.

So, how is the transportation?

It stretched from the tin mines in Cornwall in the far southwest of Britain, over the sea to France, and then down to Greece and beyond. The route is provided by the many hill forts that sprung up along the way as trading posts. Historians believe trade passed both ways up and down this route, as the hill forts provide evidence of exotic artifacts, including coral and gold. You need to travel both over the sea and land!

Now, what would be the perfect watch for you, if you had to travel here?

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