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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Tea Horse Road

Previously, we walked the sappy road of The Incense Route, now we are exploring The Tea Horse Road! The road comprises of more than 6000 miles, through the Hengduan Mountains, a major tea-producing area in China and on to Tibet and India. The main goods traversing the route were Chinese tea and Tibetan warhorses. There were direct trades of tea-for-horses and vice versa. Research suggests that between 960 - 1127, about 20,000 Tibetan warhorses were traded along the route every year in exchange for an eye-watering 8000 tons of tea.

So, how was the transportation?

The road crosses numerous rivers, making it one of the most dangerous of the ancient trade routes! However, as sea routes became more popular, the road’s significance lessened. Nonetheless, during World War 2, it once again gained importance as the Japanese blocked many seaports, and the Tea Horse Road became a key route for supplies between inland China and India.

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