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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Salt Route

Previously, we explored The Tin Route, now we are going to walk The Salt Route! Yes, walk, not eat. Salt has always been a precious resource - it is used to flavor and preserve food, and also and effective antiseptic. Salt is high in demand and thus areas rich in the mineral became important trading centres. One of the most famous routes was the Roman Via Salaria, which stretches from Ostia, near Rome, across Italy to the Adriatic coast. Salt was so valuable, it is part of a Roman soldier’s pay. Fun fact: we get the word salary from sal, the Latin word for salt and the phrase “not worth his salt” which relates to the soldier’s salt pay that was deducted if he did not work hard.

So, how is the transportation?

There was actually another important salt route across Europe called the Old Salt Road. It stretched for 62 miles from Lüneburg in northern Germany (one of the most rich salt sources in northern Europe) to Lübeck on the north German coast. The whole journey would take up to 20 days when transporting a cartload of salt. Many towns along the way became wealthy by imposing taxes and duties on wagons as they passed through.

Now, what would be the perfect watch for you, if you had to travel here?

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