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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Incense Route

Previously, we walked the salty path of The Salt Route, now we are exploring The Incense Route! This route was developed to transport frankincense and myrrh, which are only found in the southern end of the Arabian Peninsula. Frankincense and myrrh both come from tree sap. It can be burned as incense and is popular in burial rituals to help embalming.

So, how was the transportation?

Not surprisingly, camels. Camels were domesticated around 1000 BCE and this development allowed the Arabs to begin transporting their valuable incense to the Mediterranean, an important trade hub. The overland route was, at its height, said to have seen 3000 tons of incense traded along its length every year. Roman historian, Pliny the Elder, wrote that it took 62 days to complete the route. At times, the exact route shifted when greedy settlements pushed their luck and demanded taxes that were too high from the caravans coming through.

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