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What If You Had To Travel Here? - The Amber Road

Have you heard of the Ancient Trade Routes? The Amber Road, or just Amber, had been trading since around 3000 BCE. There is archaeological evidence revealing amber beads from the Baltics to Egypt. The Romans valued the amber beads for both decorative and medicinal purposes. Thus, they developed The Amber Road linking the Baltics with the rest of Europe.

Huge quantities of amber were discovered under the Baltic Sea that were formed millions of years ago when forests covered the area. The amber washes ashore due to storms and can be harvested from the beaches across the Baltic, the reason how many local amber traders built their business.

So, how is the transportation?

Amber travelled on land to the Mediterranean through the long route between North and South Europe, along the Oder, the Elbe, the Vistula, the Rhine, the Dniester, and other main European rivers. It was also by sea through the Gates of Hercules. The Adriatic is the main destination for amber for the markets of the Italian peninsula. At the Adriatic, amber is moved by water along the Italian coast, moving its way to land along river valleys and mountain passes.

Now, what would be the perfect watch for you, if you had to travel here?

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