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Watch Feature – Water Resistant

Can a watch be 100% waterproof?

No, a watch can never be 100% waterproof!

If your watch claims to be water resistant to 30 meters, it doesn’t mean that you can bring it to 30 meters deep! It’s just splash resistant and you should even take it off during shower. It only indicates that the watch can withstand the amount of pressure which is 3 ATM (30 meters = 100 feet = 3 ATM).

A watch with 100 meters of water resistance is safe for hanging out in the water for some time and will even be fine on a snorkeling excursion.

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If you need a watch for diving, a watch with at least 500 meters of water resistance is required. Watches with water resistant up to 1000 or 2000 meters are created for extreme deep waters or bell diving.

Some watches has "ISO 6425" or "Divers", these are watches designed for diving and certified up to a standard. This ISO standard means the watch is guaranteed by the manufacturer to handle depths of at least 100 meters as well as an extra 25 percent of that depth if the water is completely static. Additionally, watches have to go through harsh tests that measure up to this standard thus, proving to have significant shock, magnetic, and salt water tolerance, and provide an indication that it's running in total darkness.

Some things to note are that temperature fluctuations and external influences such as shocks, caused by impacts or sudden movements, can fundamentally and suddenly affect water resistance of a watch. You must also consider that seals and sealing systems in particular are subject to wear and tear and natural ageing. Hence, do ensure that the crown is fully sealed before going on a water adventure!


Attached below is a water resistance chart for fast reference!