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Unique Tribes of The World - The Nenets

The Nenets are an indigenous people who primarily inhabit the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, a region in the far north of Russia, within the Arctic Circle. They are one of the many indigenous ethnic groups living in the vast Siberian region. Their livelihood revolves around reindeer herding. Reindeer provide them with food, clothing, and materials for crafting various items, making them central to Nenets culture and survival. They migrate along established routes throughout the year to ensure their reindeer have access to adequate grazing areas.

Picture source: Nenets People - Siberian Tundra (

The Nenets live in portable tents called "chums" or "yarangas," made of reindeer skins and wooden frames. These tents are well-suited to their nomadic lifestyle, as they can be easily assembled, disassembled, and transported with the movement of their herds. They speak several dialects, but their dialects all stem from the Samoyedic language group. Their rich oral traditions, folklore, and shamanistic beliefs play a significant role in preserving their cultural heritage. The Nenets have evolved ways to adapt to the extreme Arctic climate. They are skilled at using natural resources for clothing and shelter, and their reindeer herds provide them with a reliable source of food.

The Nenets people have a unique and fascinating culture deeply connected to the Arctic environment they call home. They cherish their traditional way of life and pass down their knowledge to future generations. The Russian government has recognized the Nenets as an indigenous people, and efforts have been made to preserve their culture and protect their rights. At TWELF-X we salute the preservation of the Nenet traditions and the harmonious relationship they have with nature. They are a true example of sustainable and resilient indigenous communities in the Arctic.