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Understanding Locals: The Moken

The Similan Islands, located in Thailand, are a group of islands and a popular diving destination. The region is home to various ethnic groups on the mainland of Thailand, most notably, the Moken. The Moken, also known as the Sea Gypsies, are known for their deep connection to the sea and their traditional seafaring lifestyle.

Picture source: Moken Sea Gypsies - The Moken Islands

The Moken have historically lived a nomadic lifestyle, traveling on traditional wooden boats called kabang, and relying on fishing, gathering shellfish, and marine resources for their subsistence. They possess unique knowledge and skills related to marine life, navigation, and survival at sea, which have been passed down through generations. Like many indigenous communities, the Moken are facing challenges due to modernization, government policies, and changes in marine ecosystems. Efforts are being made to preserve the Moken's cultural heritage and support their sustainable practices, while also promoting understanding and respect for their traditional way of life. The Moken Sea Gypsies add cultural richness and diversity to the region, and their deep connection to the sea offers a unique and fascinating insight into their traditional lifestyle.

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