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Understanding Locals: The Lezgins

The Lezgins are an ethnic group primarily living in the North Caucasus region of southern Russia and in parts of Azerbaijan. They are one of the indigenous peoples of the Caucasus and have a unique language and culture. A significant population also lives in the Republic of Azerbaijan, particularly in the northern regions bordering Dagestan.

Photo credit: National costume of Dagestan (34 photos): traditional women's and men's Dagestan outfit (

The Lezgin language belongs to the Lezgic group of the Northeast Caucasian language family. Despite historical ties and linguistic similarities with other Caucasian peoples, Lezgins have maintained their distinct cultural identity. Traditionally, the Lezgins were engaged in agriculture, cattle breeding, and hunting. Their culture is rich in folk traditions, including music, dance, and crafts. Throughout history, the Lezgin people have faced challenges related to regional conflicts and political changes, but they continue to maintain their language, culture, and traditions, contributing to the cultural diversity of the Caucasus region.

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