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Understanding Locals: Sasak

The Sasak people are an ethnic group that primarily inhabits the island of Lombok in Indonesia. They speak the Sasak language, which is part of the larger Austronesian language family.

Photo credit: SASAK TRIBE OF LOMBOK: How Ancient Traditions Still Endure in the 21st Century - Awesome! - Our Awesome Planet

The history of the Sasak people is intertwined with the ancient Mataram Kingdom, which once ruled over parts of Java and Lombok. While the majority of the Sasak people are Muslim, their religious practices often incorporate elements of local beliefs and traditions. One of the most significant celebrations is the "Perang Topat" festival, where communities come together to commemorate the rice harvest. They practice wet rice cultivation, farming other crops such as corn, tobacco, and fruits, and raising livestock. Traditional Sasak houses are known as "Bale Tani" or "Bale Beleq." They are made of wood, bamboo, and thatched roofs. The design is adapted to the local climate and seismic activity. The Sasak people are also skilled weavers, producing traditional handwoven fabrics called "tenun." These fabrics are used for various purposes, including clothing, ceremonies, and decorations.

The Sasak people have a deep connection to their land, culture, and traditions, and their way of life is closely tied to the natural environment of Lombok. They take pride in preserving their cultural heritage and continue to pass down their knowledge and customs from one generation to another. This is very much like the founding of TWELF-X watches. TWELF-X is the result of the dedication to the art of traditional watchmaking. TWELF-X watches emphasizes impeccable craftsmanship and practicality, all while preserving the timeless essence of traditional timepieces. Our brand cherishes the history, present, and future of watches alike.