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Understanding Locals: Jarawa Tribe

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to several indigenous tribes, who have been residing in the region for thousands of years. These tribes are among the oldest surviving tribal communities in the world and have maintained their unique cultural heritage. The Jarawa tribe is one of the most well-known  indigenous tribes of the Andaman Islands who have inhabited the islands for thousands of years.

Photo credit: Jarawa Tribe of the Andamans – The People and Culture | Only Tribal

The Jarawa are traditionally hunter-gatherers, relying on hunting, fishing, and gathering wild fruits and roots for their sustenance. They have an intimate knowledge of the forests and resources of the islands, which they use in a sustainable manner. The Jarawa have a deep spiritual connection with their natural environment. They believe in a close relationship with the spirits of the forest and the animals they hunt. They are known to have limited contact with the outside world until the mid-20th century and have lived in relative isolation, maintaining a self-governing way of life. The Jarawa people have their own unique oral language with no script, which is distinct from other languages spoken in the Andaman Islands.

Other interesting facts about the Jarawa is that the Indian government has imposed strict restrictions on interactions with the Jarawa tribe due to their vulnerability to diseases from the outside world. The Andaman Trunk Road, which passes through their territory, has limited entry points and is closely monitored to prevent unauthorized interactions. The Jarawa tribe faced exploitation and harassment from outsiders, including incidents of human safaris where tourists illegally tried to interact with them for entertainment purposes. However, such activities have been strictly prohibited, and measures have been taken to protect the tribe's dignity and privacy.


The Jarawa tribe's future remains a matter of concern, and ongoing efforts focus on striking a balance between preserving their traditional way of life, addressing their needs, and safeguarding their rights. Safe guarding traditions is similar to the watch industry and TWELF-X aims to preserve the timeless art of traditional watchmaking while infusing with modern design elements. At TWELF-X, we want to design watches that are inspired by adventures, understanding various cultures and to inspire each one of us to live life to the fullest.