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TWELF-X watch vs Ocean – Survival Tips in the Ocean - Food

Coming into the third series of “Survival In The Ocean”, today, we will be covering the third tip which is to find food. After staying afloat and having drinkable water, you will need food as a source of energy. However at sea, food is a lot harder to find and obtain.

First off, without a need to hunt, the easiest source of food would be algae and barnacles. These can grow on the side of your raft which can be scraped off and eaten. If lucky, seaweed will also be available which can be eaten.

When it comes to catching your own food, planktons would be the easiest to catch. The nutritious planktons are generally found on the surface at night and can be easily caught with a net, as long as the holes on the net are small. Apart from that, fishing is another option. Fish at dawn and dusk as these are ‘feeding’ time for the fish and will make it an easier source for fish. Use flashlights and baits to attract the fishes. If you do not eat them all immediately, save the leftovers to use as bait.

At the same time, do check out the TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1007 watch that was specially designed for use at sea. The high quality 316L stainless-steel case was chosen to prevent corrosion from the saltwater found in the ocean. The crown found on the case of the watch also uses screw-down crowns as well as a screw-down case back to increase the reliability of the water-resistance and to protect the automatic movement found in the watch. The TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1007 timepiece is inspired by the seaweed found in the ocean and specially chosen green coloured sandblasted dial completes the look for the perfect wrist gear for an adventure out in the ocean.

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