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TWELF-X watch vs Wild – Survival Tips in the Wild - Fire

Coming into the third series, today, we will be covering part 3 of Survival Tips In The Wild which would be to build a fire. Not only is a fire a source of warmth, it helps to keep the annoying pest and wild animals out. It can also function as a good source of heat that can be used for cooking and purifying water.

When going on such adventurous trips, do remember to bring a flint or lighter which will help ease the fire making process. Otherwise, making a fire from scratch usually takes time and patience. First off, dry materials like leaves are needed. It will act as a small tinder bundle where the fire can first rest on.

After acquiring materials that can act as tinder bundles, the next step would be to ignite the flame. A magnifying glass or bottle of water could help concentrate the sun rays onto the tinder bundle which will start a fire. Otherwise, creating friction using logs and twigs would also work, but this takes skill and determination.

After landing a spark in the tinder bundle, gently blow on it and loosely fold it close. Once the bundle starts to ignite, move it onto a pre-prepared pile of kindling. The kindling should progressively grow into larger chunks, such as starting off with dry leaves and ending up with larger sticks. Keep the fire burning by ensuring oxygen can flow through and add smaller branches and twigs when necessary. Always remember, fire smoke can be used to attract rescuers attention. Use it to you advantage!

My favourite timepiece would be the Twelf-X Sky 5007. Trust Twelf-X to be the only outdoor and travelling timepiece you need. The bronze coloured case paired with the army green dial creates the perfect watch for camouflage. The 3-time zone indication can also help to assist in keeping track of time so that you can pace yourself out for a rescue.

Stay tune to our next blog post for more!

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