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TWELF-X watch vs Wild – Survival Tips in the Wild - Shelter

Surviving in the wild takes grit, determination and common sense. Today, we will be starting off with the utmost important tip of all; finding and building a shelter. A shelter is important as it protects you from the elements as well as animals. Ideally, you would have brought your own tent or tarp to use as shelter. Fret not if you did not bring your own shelter as we will be teaching you how to find or build your own shelter.

 If you are in a rocky terrain, find an overhang to use as shelter. Otherwise, to build an effective shelter, use available resources like branches for the framework and leaves for the shelter. Secure the branches tightly together to obtain a solid framework, then place leaves on the roof of your shelter and weigh it down with rocks to keep the leaves from flying. Pine needles usually blanket the ground in thick batches which are excellent to use as bedding. When done properly, this simple insulated shelter will be your safe haven.

To go the extra mile, digging a few inches into the soil below can uncover cooler ground for the hot and sunny days. Add a layer of leaves or any available fabric to one side of the shelter to allow better airflow and lie in the cool soil beneath the shade if needed.

When in doubt, trust the Twelf-X Sky 5001 to be your best companion. The 3 time-zone feature stands unique to this watch and is a must have for all adventurers. It allows the user to keep track up to 3 different time-zones. Furthermore, the stainless steel case and scratch resistant sapphire crystal makes Twelf-X timepieces resistant against the harsh elements. No doubt, the epitome of an outdoor adventure watch is Twelf-X. Grab yours today!

And that is it for tip number 1. Stay tune to our future blog posts for more!

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