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TWELF-X watch vs Wild – Survival Tips in the Wild - Navigation

GET OUT OF THE WILD. In today’s post, we will talk about navigation. 

When in doubt, follow the water downhill. It is natural that villages form where there is a large source of water. There is a better chance of civilisation at the bottom of the river as compared to the top. Furthermore, it is easier to travel downhill than uphill. Following the water also allows you to stay hydrated.

Other ways of navigating is to track the path of the sun to determine north, south, east and west and walk in the same direction. Walking in circles can be a nightmare and try to leave markings in your path to ensure you do not walk back the same path again. While walking, also try to keep track of your steps and time as it also prevents a circular path. At night, understanding the alignment of the stars can also provide you with directions.

Best travel buddy: TWELF-X Sky 5005. It features a 3 time-zone bezel which allows the user to keep track of up to 3 time-zones at a time. Coupled with a self-release strap, it allows the user to change the straps on the go. Opt for the leather straps for a classy look and the silicone straps for a sports look. Furthermore, it has a 200 metres water resistant Stainless-Steel case and Scratch Resistant Sapphire Crystal. Grab yours today!

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