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TWELF-X watch vs Wild – Survival Tips in the Wild - Hydration

In continuation of the series “Survival Tips In the Wild”, today we will be covering the second survival tip. After building a shelter, you must immediately look search for a source of water. The human body can survive up to 21 days without food but can only survive up to 3 days without water. Finding clean, uncontaminated water is the holy grail of survival. However, if unable to find a source of clean water, you can always build your own filter system to purify water, or just simply boil it. Boiling water for a minute is the safest and easiest way to kill off any pathogens. Remember this, big bubbles, no troubles.

Another way to have clean water is to collect rainwater in a bag. The natural condensation that occurs forms droplets that are safe and purer than rainwater itself. If desperate, look for a fast-flowing stream or river. Stale water such as puddles is full of pathogens and bacteria. Without a doubt, you must also peel your eyes and lookout for signs of bacteria. If there are dead animals nearby, the chances of the water being contaminated is high. Dew that collects on plants and leaves can be absorbed by a towel, and then squeezed into a container. This unassuming method can collect a considerable amount of water.

Take a piece from Twelf-X and trust it to be your best travel buddy. Opt for the Sky Auto Flyer 5003. The timepiece is using the colourways of blue and striking orange that can serve as a reminder of the importance of water. The funky colours paired with the highest grade super-luminova, ensures clear legibility under all conditions. Grab one today!

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