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TWELF-X watch vs Ocean – Survival Tips in the Ocean – Stay Hydrated

In continuation of the series “Survival Tips In The Ocean”, we will be covering tip number 2 today. In the first post, we talked about floating being top priority. After staying afloat, the next priority, as ironic as it sounds, would be to find water or drinkable water. As everyone knows, the human body can survive 21 days without food but only 3 days without water.

No matter the circumstances, do not drink salt water from the ocean. It simply makes you thirsty and you could eventually die of dehydration. One possible way is to collect seawater and rainwater, and evaporate the water in a container. The evaporation droplets would be safe to drink as long as it is not accidentally mixed with the ocean water.

Fish liquid is also a possible source of water as they contain liquid in their flesh, eyes and spine. Extract the liquid by breaking the vertebra and sucking on it. The remainder can be cooked and used as food.

With a deep blue colour that matches the colour of the sea, the Twelf-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1003 timepiece is my personal favourite when going out to sea! The speckled blue dial makes the watch mesmerizing to look at, very much like looking at the ocean. The 200M water resistant case makes the TWELF-X Ocean 1908 watch suitable for all adventures in the ocean. Paired with the highest grade super-luminova, it allows the user full legibility even when diving deep. Grab yours today!

Stay tune to our next blog post for more!

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