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TWELF-X watch vs Ocean – Survival Tips in the Ocean - Rest

Today, for Survival Tips In the Ocean, we will be covering travelling and resting. In general, you do not have much control over where you can go. A lot of it depends on the ocean current and waves to bring you around. Simply allow the ocean to bring you where it must. Any paddling or efforts to fight against the current is simply a waste of energy, and in such situations, conservation of energy is crucial. Only when you spot an island should you try and paddle towards it, as long as it is within paddling distance.

While travelling, do not get any cuts in the water. The most common predator would be the shark which are attracted to cuts and blood. Also, take shelter when needed as the elements are very intense out in the open sea. The last thing you would want is to catch hypothermia.

Take the TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave Black/Gunmetal timepiece along with you. The sleek design and colourway will not only look good on your wrist, but it is also designed to be a functional timepiece at sea! The stainless steel watch case and scratch-resistant sapphire crystal makes TWELF-X watches able to withstand the toils and tumbles of the big waves. The watch also comes with a uni-directional bezel with a 60-minute indicator which can also double up as a countdown timer. Grab yours today!

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