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TWELF-X watch vs Ocean – Survival Tips in the Ocean – RESCUE ME!

The right way to end off our series on surviving in the ocean is to aim to get RESCUED! After surviving for days out in the ocean, being rescued is the main goal. Hence today, we will cover the do’s to increase the chances of a rescue.

If there was an accident that led to you to being stranded, stay near the crash site. Rescue parties will come searching which increased your chances of being found higher if you stay near the crash site. The ideal signal for a plane that has landed in the water would be flare guns. However, mirrors and any reflective surface can be used as a substitute to signal any planes that are within sight. If there is more than one raft, join the rafts to increase visibility from the sky.

Dehydration and exhaustion can lead to hallucinations. To maintain your mental health, have a daily routine. Be it writing a daily journal or meditating, finding comfort in a routine will help you keep sane.

By this time, one would be dreaming of land and the TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1009 watch portrays those earthly tones. The brown speckled dust is a reminder of the earth’s soil while the bronze-plated stainless steel case is homage to any vintage shipwreck.  The 200 metres water-resistant watch case is paired with the highest grade super-luminova truly makes the TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1009 the epitome of a great diving watch with great readability. When in doubt, strap on a TWELF-X timepiece and trust it to be your best travel buddy until the end of the world.

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