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TWELF-X watch vs Desert – Survival Tips in a Desert – Stay cool

If you are ever brave enough to trek the bare but harsh terrain of a desert, dressing appropriately will help you deal with the drastic climate of the desert. In general, wear clothing that minimizes sweat loss. Most of our body’s water loss happens through perspiration. As such, covering as much skin as possible with loose, light weight clothing will help trap sweat against the skin which slows down the evaporation rate and water loss. Light coloured clothing reflects heat better but dark coloured clothing usually provide better protection against UV lights. To get the best of both worlds, find white coloured clothing with a UV protection factor.

Other essentials include hats, sunglasses and gloves. Respect the heat and protect yourself against the elements. Invest in a good pair of boots as it will be a vital part of your gear. Do also pack wool or fleece clothing as the temperature in the desert can suddenly drop.

The TWELF-X Sky 1914 Auto Flyer Black/Rose Gold watch is the best travel buddy. The multi time zones on the watch allows you to keep track of time back in your homeland even when you on an overseas adventure. Paired with the highest grade super-luminova, it ensures clear legibility and visibility in all conditions and adventures. TWELF-X watches are truly made to be your companion on adventures.

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