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TWELF-X watch vs Desert – Survival Tips in a Desert - Shelter

From my numerous adventures, I have been to a variety of countries with different terrains and climates. The most menacing and threatening climate one has to go through will the harsh conditions of the hot and dry desert. The dry air paired with low rainfall makes the heat unbearable as there is little moisture to hold onto the heat. At night, to the poor equipped, the desert is exceptionally cold. The drastic difference and wide variation of temperature makes the desert a very tough place to survive and live in. The general idea is to avoid the fierce and glaring rays of the sun during the day and to travel during the cooler hours of the day.

One advice I can give to survive in the desert is to find shelter. Keep out of the direct sun and do not overexert yourself. Make use of the dry terrain to build a fire. The fire also serves as a signal for rescue. Not forgetting, fire can be good to keep away some dangerous creatures only found in the dry sand terrain. Sage and dry leaves makes for good kindling, as do dried droppings if you want to start the fire.

Best travel buddy for all adventures would be TWELF-X. The timepiece uses a reliable and hardy Japanese automatic movement and is housed in a stainless steel watch case that has been specially designed and polished to create a timepiece suitable for both the outdoors and city wear.  This makes TWELF-X watches suitable for adventures in the desert as well. Keep track of time using TWELF-X timepieces. The watch I would pick to bring with me on an adventure in the desert would be the TWELF-X Sky 1914 Auto Flyer Green/Bronze as the colourway is unique, just like the Pyramids of Egypt. If you are not a fan of the colourway, fret not as TWELF-X timepieces comes in a variety of colours to choose from.

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