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TWELF-X watch vs Desert – Survival Tips in a Desert – Pack right and SURVIVE!

Coming into the third series of “Survival Tips In The Desert”, today, we will be covering the things to pack when visiting a desert. First off, remember to bring more water than you would normally expect. While walking in the scorching heat, the average person losses 900ML of sweat every hour. In a survival situation, you’ll be thankful for any water you carried. To be safe, divide the amount of water among various water bottles. This will minimize the amount of water you will lose due to a leak.

Next up, pack food that has the most nutrition in the least size and weight possible. Food such as energy bars and jerkies are good choices. Stock up enough to last 4 to 5 days. The more you eat, the hungrier you get. Your body can survive longer without food as compared to without water. So as to not increase your thirst, you should not eat unnecessarily. Try to conserve food and only eat the minimum required to function if you are running out of water.

Lastly, survival equipment such as emergency blankets, knife and a dust mask are needed. Pack the bare essentials as you will not want to waste energy carrying anything non-essential.

Take the TWELF-X Sky 1914 Auto Flyer Black/Steel watch along with you. It comes with a self-release watch strap that allows for a quick strap change whenever needed or to suit your adventure style. Opt for the silicone strap for a sportier look on your wrist and the leather strap for a more elegant and refined look for the watch. Furthermore, the watch features a stainless-steel case and scratch resistant sapphire crystal which is made to within against the harsh elements of any adventure. So there you have it, TWELF-X watches are made for adventures and yet remain classy for a dress watch.

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