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TWELF-X watch vs Wild – Survival Tips in the Wild – Food

Today, for Survival Tips In the Wild part 4 we will be covering the topic on finding food. Food is energy. A simple rule is to not eat anything unless you know what it is, especially plants. Although the wilderness is full of edible plants, the few that are not are incredibly deadly. The general rule would be to avoid things that are brightly coloured, as it is nature’s way of indicating that it could kill you. Also avoid plants with a wax-like texture or if the leaves secrete sap when pressed together. If the plant does none of the above, slowly test it out by rubbing the leaves around different body parts starting from under your wrist to the skin near your mouth. If there is no allergic reaction, might be deemed safe before consuming a small portion to ensure no stomach reactions.

Apart from plants, there are also edible creatures and animals. Anything with a crunchy exoskeleton like crickets and ants is edible. Avoid bugs like spiders and millipedes and also hairy bugs like bees. Roasting the bugs over a fire allows for some texture and flavour. To search for insects in the wild, turn over a rock or two may find you some pretty good source of protein.

Last but not least would be to hunt for food. This would be my last resort as it is difficult and drains energy.  The simplest of this would be to do some fishing or setting traps for fish. From crabs to calms to small fishes, the river is perhaps the best source of food. Hunting for animals will require a weapon of sort. Sharpen one end of a stick to get a spear or simply use the stick as a cub if you do not have the tools to sharpen it.

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