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TWELF-X watch vs Desert – Survival Tips in a Desert – Signal for help

In the desert, the ability to signal for help in the vast nothingness can be a matter if life and death. In a desert survival situation, you do not want to be moving around in the day due to the heat. The cooler temperature at night enables you to travel further and faster without exposing yourself to the possibility of heat exhaustion. In a desert, being nocturnal can save up to 3 litres of water per day.

In relation to the first tip, find a shelter to stay in during the day. If you must build your own, build it during the evening or at night. Building your shelter during the day is more tiring, plus you are trapping hot air in which can result in more water loss.

To signal for help, build a fire and use the smoke. Use the heat and the dry terrains of the desert to build that fire. While travelling, keep a mirror on you to reflect light at passing planes or distant cars.

As always, find a source of water. Follow animal tracks as well as birds especially when they are circling around something. Head to the nearest green vegetation with wide leaves you see and search for water. They will either have droplets on the wide leaves or at the very least, you can dig down to the roots to get water. One final tip would be to never drink cactus water.

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