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TWELF-X recommendations for a father-son adventure

Since young, I was a curious and mischievous boy. Growing up, my Dad often brought me out for activities. Staying at home was boring for me and I was always hyperactive, running about and never asleep. My pent up energy lead to lots of adventures with my father and many great memories. The universal constant was that these adventures provided an opportunity for both my father and I to bond. Conversations to depart life advice would happen and practical life skills would be learnt. Out of the many adventures we had, one particular adventure stayed very dear to me. A camp out in the jungle during a warm summer.

Based on my own experience, the jungle is the location that can provide an incredible experience for both father and son, especially during the summer. The jungle is a great get-away from the daily hectic life of a working adult. The endless possibilities make the jungle an even better place for Father-Son activities. You can cycle, do overnight camping or even just take a stroll. Think of it as a Boy Scout trip. Not only will you bond with your son, he will also learn something new in the process too. The wilderness is meant to be explored. In this case, do it with your son. Bring him on an adventure. Educate him about the wild animals and some basic survival skills. Give him a memory that he will never forget.  Give him something to remember these moments like a timepiece from TWELF-X.

The jungle is a great place for a Father-Son adventure. Take your TWELF-X watch along with you on your adventures to keep note of the time. You will not want to lose track of time and be in the woods at night unprepared! The TWELF-X Ocean 1908 Deep Wave Brown/Bronze timepiece is truly suited for the occasion as it resembles soil and the wilderness. All of the TWELF-X watches use the highest grade super-luminova which allows full legibility for the user, under any light conditions. Plan your next adventure with a TWELF-X watch.

Stay tune to our next blog post for more father-son adventures!

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