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TWELF-X father son adventure recommendations

Visit the safari with your son for a fun filled and adventuresome day. From the majestic lions to the timid foxes, there is a ton of magnificent creatures for you and your son to explore. If you are unable to travel aboard as suggested on the previous blogpost, the safari is a great alternative. Leave your daily life behind and step into an entirely different world filled with animals.

Apart from looking around, you can also go on tours around the safari and take part in activities. Possible activities include petting and feeding various animals, which would surely be a unique experience to get up close and personal with such animals. By sharing these kinds of adrenaline-inducing activites, it will definitely strengthen the bond between father and son.

My watch of choice when visiting a safari would be the Ocean 1003. Being 200 metres water resistant, I would have no worries getting it wet, which puts my mind at ease. The genuine calf leather straps sits firmly yet elegantly on my wrist which reassures me as I know that my watch will not come off throughout the long day. Get yours today!

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