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TWELF-X father son adventure recommendations

The epitome of an adventure in today’s world would be travelling. Not only are you visiting an entirely different country, you are putting yourself in other people’s life and experiencing new adventures. Travelling also helps build self-confidence, social skills and your quick-thinking skills.

On your travelling trips, you can pass down valuable skills to your son. For example, when staying in a hotel room, you can teach him how to spot for hidden cameras. Not only can travelling be fun and exciting, it can also be a great bonding session as well as a great opportunity to learn and experience new stuff.

Be it visiting a nearby country or visiting a totally new continent, a good and trusty timepiece is needed. Check out the TWELF-X Sky collection. It boasts a triple time zone feature which allows the user to keep track of up to three different time zones. For a traveller, the TWELF-X Sky is a match made in heaven. The stainless-steel case provides great protection against the elements while the triple time zone feature allows you to keep track of your home country’s time. Grab your TWELF-X Sky today!

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