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TWELF-X father son adventure recommendations

Creativity is intelligence having fun. What better place to spark creativity then at the comfort of your own home.  From activities like building a rocket to cooking dinner, a home allows for countless creative adventures.

For your son, you can have him build something that piques his interest, like a rocket or a car. Anything that goes boom, bang or catches on fire is fun for the boys. The process of crafting to understanding how it works to finally seeing his hard work come to life is an adventure in itself. All said and done, it is amazing how much you can learn while having fun!

The process of designing and beautifying the product does help improve your sons’ creativity. They can express their vision and experiences through their painting which is a great way for self-expression and creativity.

This year, do it with the TWELF-X Ocean. From minimalistic to vibrant colourways, the TWELF-X Ocean is sure to be a good source of inspiration. Fret not if you get paint on your TWELF-X timepiece as you can safely wash it off with our 200 metres water resistant feature. The scratch-resistant sapphire crystal truly makes the TWELF-X Ocean an adventure timepiece, so get yours today!

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