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TWELF-X 2020 New Year's Resolution - Stay Healthy

A new year often signifies a fresh start for many people. For us, we want everyone to stay healthy in 2020. There are many different to go about doing it but we want to focus on sleeping here. Many people are sleep deprived due to their busy lifestyle, not getting work-life balance or even not giving enough attention to their sleep. Sleep is an essential part of overall health, and sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences such as increasing the risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression. It is very important to track the number of hours of sleep you are getting daily and set an appropriate bedtime to adhere to strictly. This year, do it with TwelfX, opt for our Ocean 1908 Collection if you want something simple and our Sky 1914 Collection if you are looking for a more complicated design. With your sleep in check, you can expect higher productivity and look forward to accomplishing all your 2020 goals!

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