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TWELF-X 2020 New Year's Resolution - Setting Goals

Bye 2019 and Welcome 2020! Apologies to keep all long awaited as we have something exciting coming up - Our top 5 New Year’s resolution!

Starting off with a quote “If your fail to plan, you plan to fail”. Hence, our first New Year’s resolution is to set clear goals. Surely, most people does this right? However, do you achieve your goals every year? You want to set a goal which is realistic and achievable. Perhaps, give it a time-frame, make it measurable and specific so you are clear-minded on where you are heading towards then, do a mid-year check and motivate yourself. Clear goals are just like the lume on our timepieces, shining a path and guiding us to our destination. With goals, we can all achieve success and soar high into the sky just like our Sky Collection watches. This year we want to achieve 2,000 followers across all our social media platforms. At the same time we hope to see our brand glowing, gaining recognition and loved by everyone. Help us shine, follow our Facebook Page and Instagram now! What is your 2020 goal?

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