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TWELF-X 2020 New Year's Resolution - Improving Time Management

Lastly, working towards improving time management. Everyone’s time is precious, an item which could not be bought by money. As cliché as it is, money can buy us many things but not everything. The TwelfX Ocean 1908 Collection is a reminder this New Year to always keep track of your time. How many of us were always wondering: where did the time went. As a timepiece, TwelfX acts like a reminder to manage your time and spend more time with your loved ones. Keep track of your time anywhere, anytime with our TwelfX Ocean Collection pieces. Created in mind to be brought to most places with 20m water resistance. Keep track of your time, once past, it never comes back. This collection was designed with the decompression table in mind. The decompression table was invented to help divers identify and thus, able to keep track of the amount of time they are allowed underwater.  With the versatile pieces from the collection coupled with scheduling and time management, spend more time with your loved ones! Check out our TwelfX Ocean Collection.

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