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TWELF-X 2020 New Year's Resolution - Endless Learning

Next up, we would like to challenge everyone to learn a new skill. Learning never stops!  Perhaps learning how to sky dive like David Colturi or learning about professional photography like Nick Chapman! It’s difficult because most people find it difficult to pick up a new skill or language amidst their busy working schedule. In the modern day and age, the workplace is ever changing and you would want to be ready for the new and the change. Learning new skills makes you more adaptable, relatable and build connections which would ultimately help you to get a better career prospects. However, many of us tend to give up easily when we find that it is too difficult or even when we are unsure of where and how to start. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to do. Regardless of how unprepared you feel, make sure you are continually physically engaged. Remember that when you decide to learn something new, you’re not competing against other people but your own previous lack of ability. Hence, any improvement is a win. Hope that 2020 will be full of self-care and personal growth for everyone! Never give up!

David’s favourite choice of our TwelfX watches is the Ocean 1908 Deep Wave 1005 in Black and Rose Gold while Nick set his eyes on the Sky 1914 Auto Flyer 5001 in Black and Stainless Steel.

Also, you can always switch up your style by changing the strap. Our watches are designed with a self-release spring bar which allows you to change straps conveniently, even on the go.

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