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TWELF-X 2020 New Year's Resolution - Continuous Exploring

The next resolution we have is very closely linked back to TwelfX’s concept of exploring and adventuring. Never stop being curious, never stop exploring the culture, the architecture, the food and the people in the different parts of the world. Explore the different countries and cities, it will open up a whole new world. See the beautiful world through your eyes and take on wild adventures. It could be going on bungee jumping, mountain climbing, backpacking and many more! Take a piece from our TwelfX Sky Collection along with you on the journey of never ending adventures. Trust it to be your best companion for it was a tribute to Lawrence Sperry, one who push the boundaries of exploration in his time and invented artificial horizon which is still used in every aircrafts till today! Start now and you might have an amazing takeaway. Sky collection timepieces with three time zones helps you stay in touch with your local time zones should you explore too far and missed your family and friends! If you do not know where to start just because the world is too big, begin with the 7 wonders of the world. Happy exploring ahead!

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P.S Stay tune for our upcoming blog posts on our adventures sharing!