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Travel adventures - The city that brought the old world alive at nightfall

Budapest is known for its grandiose architecture from the Parliament house to the Chain Bridge. The city does justice to the grand architecture that dates back centuries ago.

Budapest chain bridge

What is the most exciting part of the trip?

Watching the sunset over Budapest on the hill top and watching the city transit to bright shade of yellow-orange at nightfall through artificial lights.

What is your largest takeaway from this trip – life advice, values?

While admiring the architecture of the buildings, I am awestruck by how much attention to detail the architects had in the past to create such splendid buildings. Many times, these buildings are a lifetime achievement. Great work can only be done if you put your heart and soul into the project.

Is there a “hidden gem” that you will recommend?

I would not say it is a ‘gem’ but it definitely left an impression especially if one has also visited Auschwitz camp. Along the Danube river, you will see a small war memorial for those who have died along the river where the Nazis forced thousands to jump into the river during World War 2. Before the victims jumped, they left their shoes along the bank. Today, these ‘shoes’ have been immortalized in the form of iron cast to the ground to serve as a reminder of the atrocities of war.

What is the most interesting part of the trip?

The old world charm architecture of Budapest is both magnificent in the day and night.

What are some gears you find most important for such trips?

A good camera and tripod to capture day and night photos of Budapest as it evokes different feelings.

What would you have wanted in a watch?

I wanted a watch that I can easily wear in the city with a good finish and polish. In a country known for architecture, it is apt that I find a watch with a good structure to match the buildings.

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