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Travel Adventures - Did you pack your marshmallows?

Pacaya Volcano set against the backdrop of the picturesque Lake Atitlan. There is something charming and colourful about Guatemala. With the vibrant colours of the native costumes and hand crafts around Antigua, Guatemala has a lot to offer from scenic nature to culture. Pacaya Volcano was a fascination

What is the most exciting part of the trip?

I watched the lava flow and breakdown the volcanic rocks to form different channels of flow. Seldom one can get so close to volcanic rocks.

What is your largest takeaway from this trip – life advice, values?

When I was watching the lava flow it was constantly flowing. I also noticed that when a person stood still, their shoes will melt from the heat of the volcanic rocks. It reminded me that in life, one cannot stand still. One needs to keep pushing on.

Is there any “hidden gems” that you will recommend?

Remember to interact with the locals at Guatemala. But we will leave that to another post.

What is the most interesting part of the trip?

Watching people roast marshmallows over the lava

What are some gears you find most important for such trips?

Rain coat and hardy shoes. The weather can change anytime as you move through the mountain. If you wear a good pair of shoes, it will also be less likely to melt at the top of the volcano. You would not want to walk bare footed on hot and sharp volcanic rocks bare footed.

Did you face any challenges? How did you overcome such challenges?

At one point, the lava flow was very fluid and we got surrounded by lava. We had to quickly think of an alternative route to remove ourselves from the lava flow.

What would you have wanted in a watch?

Something that can withstand the heat.