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The Start of 7Continents 5Oceans OneXperience

This is my personal story that changed my life more than 10 years ago. Having grown up in a city, I was one who never really enjoyed camping and outdoors. I did sports but it was never something I was really good. In university, I was offered the opportunity to do a student exchange programme. I took a class in Spanish and that was when my fascination in Central and South American ancient civilizations began. When you learn a language, you learn the history and culture. I learnt stories of the Spanish conquistador and imagined the glory of the ancient civilizations from the Incas, to the Mayans and the Aztecs. I could not understand how without the same technology we have today, that they could have such strong understanding of architecture and engineering. How, without the same access to education we have today, can they formulate an accurate calendar and time telling device for their civilization. What did they create? I JUST HAD TO SEE IT.

Jaded with the city and with protective parents constantly overlooking my shoulders, it was perfect that Mexico was ON THE OTHER SIDE OF EARTH. Packed my bag and was ready for the next 6 months of adventures (and some classroom time of course).

My adventures are not crazy or dangerous. Just a little bit of common sense and courage will allow anyone to step out of their comfort zone. These adventures also then form part of what I wanted in a TWELF-X watch and the kind of adventures I would (and hopefully many others) bring TWELF-X on.

- ZM, Founder of TWELF-X