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The Right Fit For You - Watch Size

The most frequent question people ask when buying watches is – how do I buy a right watch size for my wrist or how do I know which watch size is the best fit for my wrist.

First, take a look at a picture of a watch. What do you think of its size?

Next, we are going to share with you the 5 criteria people look at when answering the question.

The first criteria - Case Diameter

A watch with a big case diameter will look weird most probably due to being unproportioned to a small wrist, agree? Unless you love the oversized look to fit your lifestyle or personality!

Case diameter is the most significant and noticeable watch element when determining whether the watch is a right fit.

With the increase in online shopping, knowing the size of your wrist and detailed information of the watches can help greatly! The table below can help you to match your wrist size to the suitable watch case diameter. On a side note, more than 90% of men find their ideal watch size between 40mm and 44mm according to a poll by A Blog To Watch, world’s most popular Watch Blog. Hence, our watches are designed with 44mm case diameter, hope you will like them!

Wrist Size

Watch Case Diameter

Below 6 inches

Below 15cm

34 – 36mm

6 – 7 inches

15 – 18cm

38 – 42mm

7.5 – 8 inches

18 – 20 cm

44 – 46mm

Above 8 inches

Above 20cm

48 – 50mm


(PS. Use a flexible measuring tape / strip of paper & wrap it around your wrist where your watch usually sits to measure your wrist size)