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The meaning behind TWELF-X

TWELF-X is about exploring and experimentation.

It is created by the play of word for ‘Twelve’ to represent the seven continents and five oceans. ‘X’ is the celebration of experiences and the adventures that shape our lives. The ‘X’ in our logo has been specially designed by placing two tents together to represent nomads, known for their explorations and adventures. One tent is placed up right and another reversed to symbolise a mountain and a cave, with the holes signifying routes for exploration into the unknown.


what does the X symbols for TWELF-X mean

‘X’ designed from two tents to signify nomads and inversed to represent exploring of mountains and caves



It may be living our lives in proxy through childhood adventures written by Jules Verne. It may also be about trekking through the Gobi Desert, sailing down the Amazon River, diving into the Pacific Ocean or even flying across the continent in a hot air balloon. Adventures also involve the understanding of history and culture from the past up to the present so that one can comprehend humanity. What allow us to continually explore is the work of many innovative inventors and researchers who have pushed mankind’s ability in technology and our understanding of the world around us in the OCEAN, SKY and LAND.  

The discovery of something new is an adventure by itself that should always be celebrated regardless of age, gender or race. Always celebrate the adventures that shape our lives.