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The Borderless Experience - The Baekdu Daegan Trail

The Baekdu Daegan Trail is a long-distance hiking trail that runs along the spine of the Korean Peninsula, connecting the southern tip of South Korea to the northern border with North Korea. It is one of the longest mountain ridge trails in the world, spanning approximately 1,400 kilometers (870 miles) in length.

Picture source: Beyond the Truck: Hiking 465 Miles of the Baekdu Daegan Trail (South Korea) - Expedition Portal

The name "Baekdu Daegan" translates to "The Great White Headed Mountain Range." It takes its name from Mount Baekdu (also known as Mount Paektu), an active volcano on the border between North Korea and China, which is considered the spiritual and historical center of the Korean people.

The trail passes through diverse landscapes, including mountains, forests, valleys, rivers, and rural villages. Hikers can experience a wide range of natural beauty and unique ecosystems along the route. The trail passes through several national parks and protected areas, contributing to the conservation and preservation of the peninsula's natural heritage. Along the trail, hikers can encounter historical and cultural sites, including ancient temples, fortresses, and other relics from Korea's rich history.

However, while trekking, be sure to be careful of the terrain. This is a hike only for experienced hikers as it may take weeks to months to complete. In addition, parts of the trail require technical skills and mountaineering equipment. Do note that with the political division between North and South Korea, this means that traversing the entire trail from end to end is restricted with the trail in North Korea being inaccessible to foreign visitors

The Baekdu Daegan Trail offers a unique opportunity to experience the natural beauty and cultural heritage of the Korean Peninsula, providing hikers with an unforgettable adventure through a remarkable and historically significant landscape.

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