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Hiking Trails - W Circuit, Torres Del Paine NP - Chile

One of the world's most famous hikes, the W Circuit in Torres Del Paine National Park, is located down at the southernmost region of Chile. It is called the W Circuit for a reason. The mountain has jagged towers of rock and glacial lakes which look like the letter ‘W’. The rugged and remote trail attracts hikers from all over around the world!

What did you like about the trip?

There were improvements made in the trail and services over the past few years making the trail more accessible. I did not need to carry my own hiking gear. As they were provided there!

What are the obstacles?

The hike generally takes between four and six days which takes up energy. The weather there is erratic and changeable. I had to be prepared for rain, snow, sun, and, of course, lots of wind!

What have you learned from the trip?

At first, I was intimidated by the looks of the mountain, as the jagged towers of rocks looked dangerous. But, after mustering the courage, I realised it was not so bad after all. I learnt that the impossible is always possible as long as I put my mind to it!

What gears or tools are essential for the trip?

As mentioned, I did not bring much hiking gear of my own, as they were provided there. I brought my TWELF-X watch because hiking the mountain is tough as there were times I fell or accidentally hit my wrist on rocks. I needed a strong watch for this hike!

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