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Hiking Trails - Samaria Gorge - Greece

Introducing Samaria Gorge, the best hike on the island of Crete, Greece! It starts in a pine forest, a one-way hike descends through a narrow valley, eventually ending at the Libyan Sea. The hike is over 16 kilometers in length and hikers will drop over 1,500 meters. The steepest part of the hike is at the beginning, descending a long series of switchbacks for about an hour, before reaching the stream. After this, the trail is less steep, and the remaining13 kilometers is quite an easy walk. Halfway through the hike comes the most famous place on the trail - a narrow gap where the walls are only a few meters apart but 300 meters high. At the end, there is a small town called Agia Roumeli, consisting of a black sand beach and many shops for refreshments.

What did you like about the trip?

I like how it starts in pine forests and how the smell of the fresh pines lightly swift through the air. This helped to put me in a relaxed and good mood which allowed me to enjoy the hike.

What are the obstacles?

No one likes a steep hike. Fortunately, that was just the beginning and was quickly over and done with.

What have you learned from the trip?

Even though I love to hike, there is a small element of anxiety. Whether it is your first class in a new school or your first day in a company. I believe that all of those worries will eventually wear off and slowly will get comfortable just like how it did during the trip!

What gears or tools are essential for the trip?

A long-lasting watch! I personally use a TWELF-X SKY watch. Their watches are automatic, which is preferable, as I do not need a battery. The hike may just take a few hours, but it would be troublesome and dangerous if my watch is low in battery. You wouldn’t want to lose track of time on a hike!

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