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Hiking Trails - Mount Toubkal - Morocco

Mount Toubkal, North Africa's highest peak at 4,167 meters (13,671 feet), is a hike that isn't for the weak-hearted. The way upwards rises from the village of Imlil. Then, passing over a dry creek bed before rising sharply through the shrine at Sidi Chamharouch and on towards a large mountain hut. Hikers often overnight here, and after that, they set off up the snowfield to the summit. This is where the Atlas Mountains are and the sight is breathtaking. A local guide and muleteers (a person who drives mules) for carrying luggage are a must.

What did you like about the trip?

I like the anticipation when hiking the mountain. Knowing that if I kept going, I will eventually see the breathtaking sight at the summit, it really excites me.

What are the obstacles and how did you overcome them?

At first, I planned to hike the mountain without a local guide and muleteers. It was a bad idea. I was unsure which path is the best and fastest. Also, carrying the luggage all by myself was not an easy task, in fact, it slowed me down. I overcame it by simply accepting the locals’ advice on hiking with a guide and muleteers.

What have you learned from the trip?

I learned that despite being excited about hiking the mountain, I should make sure to think about my safety and accept people’s advice sometimes. Applying this in my own life, I think that in situations when my emotions take over, I need to take a step back and think through the possible ramifications of my actions. So, in short, I learned to be more cautious and a better listener.

What gears or tools are essential for the trip?

Hiking requires certain gears and tools. It would be too much for me to list them out. You need various tools in your hiking backpack. As for gears, you need appropriate clothing, preferably winter clothing. I also think a watch is important because you have to time yourself while hiking. I personally use a TWELF-X watch. The crystal is anti-glare and scratch-resistant (sapphire). This comes in handy because hiking the mountain is tough as there were times I fell or accidentally hit my wrist on rocks.

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