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Hiking Trails - Kilimanjaro - Tanzania

As one of the most iconic sites in all of Africa, reaching the summit of Kilimanjaro is on many hiker’s to-do list. Around 30,000 people attempt the summit each year. While the chances of completing the trek are fairly possible, it is not for the faint hearted and one should be careful!

What did you like about the trip?

The reward at the end of a hike is always the view! The view from the top across the surrounding landscape is extraordinary, especially at sunrise, when most hikers usually attempt the hike to the summit.

What are the obstacles?

The hike up to the summit and back down took about five or six days, depending on the hikers’ level of fitness and how fast the hiker can adapt to the environment.

What have you learned from the trip?

This hike takes training and preparation. Do not take the hike as a walk in the park and train for months ahead before the trip! Always come prepared. Even then, you will face difficulties where it will be a test of mental strength to keep going.

What gears or tools are essential for the trip?

Aside from hiking essentials like navigation, first aid, and knife, I had my TWELF-X watch during my hike. TWELF-X watches are automatic, which is preferable, as I do not need a battery. Knowing I have to hike for almost up to a week, it would be troublesome and dangerous if my watch is low in battery. I need to time myself during the hike so I will not be off schedule.

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