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Hiking Trails - Annapurna Circuit - Nepal

The Annapurna Circuit trail has some of the tallest peaks on earth. The trail begins down in a steamy jungle and rises well above the tree line. You will reach the peak about 5,394 meters on the Thorung Pass. Here, the trail is surrounded by a dazzling bird’s-eye view of the mountains, which exceeds 6,000 meters. There is an interesting hill called Poon Hill. Most hikers want to make it to the top for sunrise as they will be able to see eight of the fourteen highest mountain peaks in the world!

What did you like about the trip?

As someone who challenges oneself to be fitter everyday, this trip definitely triggers something in me and I am up for the challenge. The Annapurna Circuit demands a high level of fitness as the days and distances are long. In addition to the high elevation, it can be tough for any normal person, which makes me more excited!

What are the obstacles and how did you overcome them?

It turns out the trail was tougher than I thought and I was struggling to carry my heavy backpack. It was the most tiring experience I had in my life! I never walked such distances for a long time while carrying such weight. I did get help from porters who were accustomed to the altitude/thin air and spent their lives carrying loads in the mountains. They definitely made the trip way more enjoyable!

What have you learned from the trip?

I learnt that I should not overestimate myself, even at times when I felt excited and confident. I need to understand my boundaries and understand dangerous situations. Sometimes an obstacle may look like a short-cut, but it is highly dangerous. Listening to the advice of experienced people helps too.

What gears or tools are essential for the trip?

I could list down the hiking basics, but that would be too much, however I would like to emphasize a good watch. I personally wear a TWELF-X SKY watch. It features a triple time zone which allows the user to keep track of up to three different time zones. Which is great as I can keep track of my home country’s time. Also, for a tough hike, the watch has a stainless-steel case that provides great protection!

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