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Exploring The World - Rodrigo Trevino - Horizon Chaser

This pro photographer rides his Chevy Silverado 2500 as an off-road camper. Now, he has decided to go south to surf Baja for a couple of months or north to surf and hike through the Pacific Northwest. To him, freedom is important and being on the road with no strict itinerary fits the bill.  He wants to let the weather guide him and his photography becomes more natural when he goes with the flow.

The man is none other than Rodrigo Trevino, the Horizon Chaser, a pro photographer from San Diego, City in California.

The key for him was figuring out how to be in the flow. In the past, he felt trapped in his boring job, when he worked at ‘Avis Rent A Car’. When he finally got on the road, he felt the freedom and he described it as, “like a dog at the dog park off-leash”. Nowadays, you will see him backpacking or glamping in his off-road camper, shooting for fashion brands with fashion models. He says he is lucky to have the job that he has now and encourages others to get outside finding their own adventures!

Rodrigo Trevino is living his life to the fullest and with an adventurous spirit. His philosophy fits us at TWELF-X. TWELF-X timepieces celebrates the adventures that shape lives while maintaining functionality and relevant styles. An adventurer like him needs a TWELF-X watch that reflects his profession and passion.

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