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Exploring The World - Nirmal Purja - Speed Summiter

He is best known for speed-summiting six of the world's tallest peaks in a month, which was unthinkable by many for the various challenges. However, this man made it and quickly became one of Nepal's biggest adventure stars! On April 3, 2019, he summited the 8,091m tall Annapurna and continued to Dhaulagiri, Kanchenjunga, Everest and Lhotse, before finishing Makalu on May 24.

This man is no other than Nirmal Purja!

He made it look easy to the world, but his adventures were not void of hardships. After the Annapurna descent, he and his crew helped to locate and evacuate a missing doctor who had strayed from the trail. The rescue mission created an opportunity for Nirmai Purja to hit the speed ascent record for the second time that day. When he was on Kanchenjunga, he and his crew also discovered and assisted three men who had become disoriented from the lack of oxygen.

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