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Exploring The World - Eric Larson - Polar Explorer

15 years, he has been exploring the poles, adventure racing, and dog mushing. The kind of man that is in awe by the environments he encounters and is attracted to frigid climates. He has his own personal motto of, “It’s cool to be cold.”

The man is Eric Larson, the Polar Explorer.

Throughout the 15 years of adventuring, he noticed the rapid disappearance of the polar regions that he is in awe of. This motivated and created his Save the Poles project - a 365-day expedition to the “Polar Trifecta.” Which are the South Pole, the North Pole, and the summit of Mount Everest.

Also, Eric Larson snow-skied and swam across the Arctic, as well as gathering scientific data and filming a documentary. He went through whiteouts in Antarctica and encountered avalanches on the slopes of Everest.

Isn’t that scary? But cool!

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